Chemical Reagent

Nitric acid is used as an excellent analytical chemical reagent for determining metal traces in solutions. It is used in atomic absorption spectroscopy for the digestion of the sample. It is also used a precursor to organic nitrogen compounds such as nylon and adipic acid. It is also used widely in the calorimetric test in order to determine the difference between heroin and morphine.

Fertilizer Industry

Nitric acid is extensively used by percentage of 80% in fertilizer industries. Nitric acid is the key chemical for the preparation of nitrogen fertilizers such as Ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate.

Chemical Industry

Nitric acid is used in explosive manufacture of various products such Trinitrotoluene (TNT), RDX, gun cotton, Ammonal, nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine. In chemical industries, Nitric acid is extensively used in the preparation of nitrate salts such as calcium nitrate, silver nitrate and ammonium nitrate.

Cleaning agent

Combination solution of Nitric acid, water and alcohol is called as Nital and it’s extensively used as an etchant and cleaning agent.

Aerospace Industry

In the field of aerospace engineering, nitric acid is widely used as an oxidizer in liquid-fuel rockets.

Other Applications

Nitric acid is used as a laboratory reagent and used in purification of silver, gold and platinum. Nitric acid is one of the integral components for the preparation of Aqua Regia which dissolves most of noble metals.In electrochemical industry, Nitric acid is used as a chemical doping agent for organic semiconductors and in purification processes for raw carbon nanotubes. Lower concentration of nitric acid is used in the woodworking industry for ageing pine and maple woodworks.Aqueous blends of nitric acid and phosphoric acid is used in the food and dairy industry to remove precipitated calcium and magnesium compounds.Nitric acid can also be used as a spot test for alkaloids like LSD.