Molecular Weight 63.02
Color in a liquid state Transparent to yellow
Color in a gaseous state Transparent to yellow or brown
Odour Sweet to pungent
In liquid state Rapidly attacks flesh and most organic matter
Solubility Completely miscible
As gaseous oxides Anaesthetic to dangerously toxic
Molar mass 63.01 g / mol
Acidity -1.4
Melting Point -41.6°C
Density 1.5192 g / cm3
Specific gravity 1.352
Freezing point < 0oF
Boiling Point of constant – (68% HNO3 at 78mmHg) 120.5°C
Refractive index 1.397
Heat capacity at 27°C 26.24 cal /g mol
Heat of fusion 2503 cal / g mol
Heat of fusion 2503 cal / g mol
Appearance & Odor white powder, slightly sweet odor
Specific Gravity 1.29
Solubility in water soluble
Heat of vaporisation at 20°C 9426 cal / g mol